Anxiety and Depression

Anyone can feel low for a brief period of time, or have anxiety attacks once in a while, that does not mean they are suffering from depression. Sometimes in experiencing grief and loss at life's disappointments, we find ourselves in a depressive cycle. These grief cycles resolve themselves when we identify and grieve our losses. Sometimes we need to talk with a professional to help us identify unnamed grief and move past these emotional roadblocks.

Anxiety can be debilitating and life is deeply impacted by the struggle. Current research confirms that when people confront what they fear without getting the feared outcome, anxiety will gradually subside. These 'confronting" experiences change the mental frame of a person and rebuild confidence. In therapy we plan tasks and activities to identify and confront fears, building new ways to interact in the world. We also create a plan for conquering anxiety that fits your personality and experiences. You decide what it looks like to be free from anxiety and you decide how to measure your success.

For those who struggle with depression on a deeper level, we develop a thoughtful, research based, approach tailored to your specific concerns.